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Company Overview

PISHRO SAKHT ESTERABAD Company (Soleh Esterabad) is a Private Joint Stock Company, established in 2010 and is registered in Iran under registration No. 8013.

 We are a leading Iranian private company specialized in Design, Engineering, Fabrication,  and Installation of a wide variety of pre-engineered steel frame structures such as factory buildings, steel bridges, aircraft hangars, steel frame warehouse, steel roof truss, industrial buildings and steel framed car parking with welded joints and bolts. Our company’s quality system has been certified for conformance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2009, OHSAS 18001:2007, and ISO 3834-2.


We have completed several projects from design to installation of Pre-Engineered Steel Structures in Iran and other  Middle Asian countries including Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

Our company enjoys modern facilities including various computer software, workstations, technical archives and fabrication facilities such as CNC cutting and welding machines, cranes, heavy roller & plate bending and forming machines, painting and sandblast systems, sinosoidal sheet forming machines, special QC and test equipments, and a wide range of equipment for special steel structure production, such as arch steel structures and bridges.


Managing Director

Ali Mousavi

Managing Director, A. Mousavi


Software Experience and Availability

  • SAP 2000
  • SAFE 2000
  • ETABS 2000


Design and Engineering Process

Our capabilities and systems in steel structure design and construction are as below:

  • Design
    • Design Program Management Organization
    • Engineering Design
      • General Arrangement
      • Weight Estimate
      • Stability Calculations
    • Detail Design
      • Development of Shop Drawings
      • Cutting Drawings
      • Assembly Drawings
      • Welding Criteria
      • Installation Maps
      • Weight Report
    • Interface between SOLEH ESTERABAD and Subcontractors
    • Interface between SOLEH ESTERABAD and CLIENT
  • Fabrication
    • Organization
      • Time Table Development
      • Material List Procurement
    • Facilities
      • Utilization of Work Stations and Construction Overview
    • Approach to Fabrication
      • Phase 1 – Cutting and Drilling
      • Phase 2 - Assembly
      • Phase 3 - Welding
      • Phase 4 – Sandblast
      • Phase 5 – Painting
    • Process Control
      • Procurement Process Control
      • Fabrication Process Control
      • Facility Calibration
  • Quality Assurance
    • Approach to Standards
    • Reliability and Maintainability
    • Fabrication Process Quality Control
    • Personnel Training
    • ITP (Inspection and Test Plan)
    • QCP/QAP (Quality Control/Assurance Plan)
  • Dispatch and Installation
    • Final Control Methods before Dispatch
    • Dispatch Report Documentation
    • Installation Time Table
    • Installation Report Documentation


 Quality Policy

Soleh Esterabad Company aims at the delivery of products which

  • Meet the customers and the supervisory authorities’ requirements.
  • Are appropriate for the intended use.
  • Provide a high degree of reliability and efficiency.

All products of Soleh Esterabad Company are designed, fabricated, and delivered in accordance with the quality systems codes and requirements.


Quality System Procedures

1-     Procedure for controlling documentation issue / change

2-     Procedure for training

3-     Procedure for contract review  

4-     Procedure for controlling the calibration on measuring / test

5-     Procedure for controlling manufacturing operations

6-     Procedure for dealing with non-conforming materials

7-     Procedure for purchasing process

8-     Procedure for projects auditing

9-     Procedure for review, verification and validations

10-  Procedure for controlling the non-conforming products and preventing / corrective actions