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RowEquipments & MachinesNO
1CNC Cutting Machine1
2NC Cutting Machine1
3Guillotine 6 m1
4Guillotine 3 m1
5Plasma Nozzle1
6Radial Drilling System4
7Leggy Drilling System3
8Magnet Drilling System4
9Manual Drilling System5
10Automatic Cutting System3
11Manual Cutting System15
12Hydraulic Punch System2
13Strip Saw1
14CO2 Welding Machine27
15Powder Welding System2
16Powder Dryer Oven1
17Electrode Oven2
18Inverter Welding4
20Tap and Die30
21Semi-Automatic Threading Machine2
22Painting System2
23Airless Painting2
24Sand Blast System2
25Gas and Oxygen Capsule90
26Air Compressor5
27Sinusoidal Roll Forming System1
28Alignment Finder Mapping Camera1
29Total Station Camera1
30Elcometer Paint2
31Welding Gauge1
3310 Ton Flatbed Trailer1
35Benchtop Metal Grinding Machine2
36Metal Grinding Disc Wheel11
37Mini  Metal Grinding Disc Wheel9
38Profile Cutter1
39Rebar Bending Machine1
40M-Pack System5
412 Ton Chain Crane Hoist2
425 Ton Chain Crane Hoist2
4316 Ton Roof Crane1
4410 Ton Roof Crane5
455 Ton Roof Crane5
462 Ton Roof Crane3