Space Frame Structure

The growing demand for aesthetically designed structures that also offer the advantage of efficient utilization of space, has led to the popularity of space frame structures. These three dimensional units enable the construction of vast spaces without any columns, by providing the required support system for the structure.

A space frame is a three dimensional structure fabricated from steel. Despite their light weight, these structures are designed to carry a much heavier load and have a huge spanning capacity. They can be arranged in a flat or curved shape that enhances the design flexibility of a structure in a significant manner besides ensuring appropriate load transfer. However, the most important reason for their growing popularity within the modern construction industry is their ability to enhance the effective utilization of space by providing freedom of movement through column free construction.

Advantages of Space Frame

  •  In this type of structure, the roofing quality is always exceptionally good as the deflections are almost negligible
  •  Its 3D behavior ensures optimum utilization of materials leading to huge savings in steel consumption
  •  Complete quality control is assured as the system is completely pre-fabricated under factory conditions
  •  Minimal erection time since the components & members are prefabricated at the factory and only need to be assembled on site.
  •  Stacking, transportation & storage of the system (components etc.) are very convenient & economical.
  •  Total weight of steel members for large spans considerably lesser.
  •  Ducts & other services can be accommodated within the top & bottom chords of the space truss.
  • The multi-directional structural behavior permits unusual design freedom never experienced before, by allowing random location of supports & very large overhangs.

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